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 Phtoshop Elements CC 2019

Description of Phtoshop Elements CC 2019

Photoshop Elements CC is the consumer version of Photoshop lowest cost, simple to use, yet still full of powerful photo editing sofwater & photo management features.

Adobe Photoshop Elements also includes automatic face recognition, so you can find all the shots of a specific friend or family member in seconds. Well, almost all – awkward lighting or faces shot at an angle may defeat the recognition scheme, but it does at least get you started & you can always tag the trickier shots yourself.

The program makes it easy to organise your images into albums, for instance, & tag (#) them with keywords so they are easy to locate later. But that’s just the start. And the (program’s Smart Tags) go even further. Download PhotoShop CC 2018

(Run Photoshop Elements Auto Analyzer) & it will automatically assign them tags like ‘In Focus’ or ‘Low Quality’, “Long Shot” or “Faces”, “High Quality” or “Blurred”. And so you can double-click the Faces tag, say, and instantly see shots of friends and family. This regularly makes errors, too, but it’s fine as an initial tagging tool, and will save you a great deal of time when organising a large photo collection.

Phtoshop Elements CC 2019

Of course there are also plenty of amazing editing options. Recompose is particularly interesting, letting you resize a photo, keeping the key subjects while losing unnecessary background detail. Photomerge combines the best from a series of photos of the same subject to deliver one perfect result. Download free Adobe PhotoShop CC 2017

And new preview thumbnails display a range of adjustments for any particular tweak, making it easy to choose your favourite. There are also creative projects, where you can quickly design your own photo books, greetings cards, slideshows and more.

Your favourite images can be shared with others via Google Maps, iPhones, your own online album, and more. And multiple backup options help keep your valuable photos save from PC disaster.

Specification of Adobe Photoshop Elements CC 2019

Software Name:- Adobe Photoshop Elements CC 2019 Zip.
Software Size:-  2.9 GB
Release Version- 2019
Software installer Type- Offline Setup
Software License- (Safe & Secure)
Software Developer- Adobe
Software Compatibility:- 32/64 Bits
Require Ram- 1GB
Require Hard Disk Space- 1.5GB
Require Operating System:- Window (/7/8.1/10/10.1 etc.)


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