How do I mirror an image in Photoshop CS6/CC/ 2020 Full Tutorial Step by Step

Learn how to create a classical mirror image effect in Photoshop application (Software) with this easy and step-by-step tutorial for Photoshop CS6/ CC 2020

Written by William Sha


In this tutorial/Post, I show you, how can easy to mirror an image in Photoshop by flipping one side of your photo/Image to create it’s own mirror reflection.  This is the most popular effect is often used in album covers & movie posters, Facebook Post and it’s a simple & fun way to make interesting, symmetrical designs from  virtually any photo!

I’ll be using Photoshop CS6 2020 (Download Link ) but this tutorial is fully compatible with any recent version of Photoshop like that Photoshop CC 2020

Here’s an example of what the final mirror image effect will look when we’re done every steps:

How do I mirror an image in Photoshop

Let’s get started this tutorial! Below here some steps to mirror image follow now!

Step #1: Open your photo

Open your image in Photoshop application/ Software. I’ll use this image from past here site name

Open image in Photoshop

Step #2: Create Duplicate Image in Photoshop document panel

Before we mirror the photo, let’s create a copy in Photoshop document panel. That way, we won’t accidentally save the mirrored version over the original.

Go up to the Image menu in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen and choose Duplicate!

Duplicate image

Going to Image> Duplicate.

Then in the Duplicate Image dialog box, name the copy ” Mirror ” and click OK!
screen shot here

Give name the copy of the document.

And if we look at the document tabs just below the Options Bar, we see that we’re now working on a copy of the image named “Mirror”!

Photoshop document tabs.

You can close the original document by clicking the small ” x ” in its tab. On a Windows PC, the “x” is found on the right side of the tab, and on a Mac, it’s on the left side!

Closing the original document.

Step #3: Select the Crop Tool

Next one select the Crop Tool from the toolbar option:

Now selecting the Crop Tool!

Step 4: Set the aspect ratio to Ratio

And in the Options Bar, make sure that the Cropping Tool’s Aspect Ratio is set to Ratio . This will let us freely adjust the sides of the cropping image border:

Setting the aspect ratio to Ratio by this screenshot.

Step 5: Drag one side of the cropping image border to the flip point of the image

Depending on which direction your photo needs to flip, click on the left or right side of the cropping image border & drag it over to the spot where the image will be mirrored!

In my case, I want to flip the image from left to right using the woman’s hair as the mirror point. So I’ll drag the right side of the cropping border to that location:

Dragging the right side of the cropping border to the flip point of the image.

Step #6: Drag the opposite side to crop away unwanted space

Here i also don’t need all of that empty space on the left of the image. So to crop some of it away, I’ll drag the left side of the cropping border inward!

Dragging the left side of the cropping border to crop away the unwanted area.

Step #7: Turn on (Delete Cropped Pixels)

Before you crop the image, go to up the Options Bar & make sure “Delete Cropped Pixels” is checked!

The Delete Cropped Pixels option.

Step #8: Crop the image

Then still in the Options Bar, crop the image by clicking the checkmark!

Clicking the check-mark.

And now here’s my result after cropping the image:

Step #9: Create Duplicate the Background layer

In the Layers panel , the image sits on the Background layer .

Make a copy of the Background layer by dragging it down onto the Add New Layer icon!

Duplicating the Background layer.

The copy appears above the original:

The “Background copy” layer.

Step #10: Now select the Free Transform command

With the “Background copy” layer selected, go to up the Edit menu in the Menu Bar & choose Free Transform option. Or using by Keyboard – press Ctrl + T (Win) / Command + T (Mac) on your keyboard:

Going to Edit> Free Transform.

Step #11: Drag the reference point onto the side handle

Photoshop’s Free Transform box & handles appear around the image.

And in the center of the transform box is a target icon known as the reference point . This point marks the center of the transformation!

The reference point in the center of the Free Transform Area.

How to show the reference point

If you are using a newer version of Photoshop & the reference point is missing, go to up the “Options Bar” & click inside the
“Toggle Reference Point checkbox”!

The Toggle Reference Point checkbox.

Then click on the reference point & drag it onto the handle on the side where the image will flip.

Since my image is going to flip from right to left, I’ll drag the reference point onto the right side handle!

Dragging the reference point onto the side handle.

Step #12: Choose the Flip Horizontal command

Then with the Free Transform command still active, right-click (Win) / Control-click anywhere inside the image & choose “Flip Horizontal” from the menu!

Choosing the Flip Horizontal command.

It won’t look like the image has flipped. Instead, the Free Transform box will move to the empty area beside the image:

The result after flipping the image horizontally.

Step #13: Accept & close Free Transform

Commit the transformation & close Free Transform by clicking the check-mark in the Options Bar!

Clicking the check-mark.

Step #14: Select the Reveal All command

If the cropping border is still visible around your photo, it’s because the Crop Tool is still active. Press the letter M on your keyboard to quickly switch to the Rectangular “Marquee Tool” to remove the border.

At this point, we’ve created the mirrored version of the image, but we can’t see it because the mirrored half is sitting off to the side. So here’s the fun part. To view the entire effect, go to up the Image menu in the “Menu Bar’ and choose “Reveal All”!

duplicate image

Going to Image> Reveal All.

The Reveal All command instantly reveals the entire Photoshop canvas, including the hidden areas, giving us our final result.

To fit the entire effect on the screen, choose the Fit on Screen command by pressing Ctrl + 0 (Win) / Command + 0 (Mac) on your keyboard:

How do I mirror an image in Photoshop

The final mirror image effect show you!

And there we have it! That’s how to mirror an image with Photoshop software. Finally we got mirror result.

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