Fluid Mask ZBrush Plugin 2023 Free Download

Fluid Mask ZBrush Plugin 2023 Free Download

Fluid Mask is a plugin that adds some functions for masking creation to Pixologic’s ZBrush. The fundamental characteristic of these new functions is the use of Precomputed Distance Fields for fluid simulation and local thickness calculation.

Features Fluid Mask ZBrush Plugin.

Fluid Mask runs a fluid simulation and projects the resulting 3D wet map to the target mesh to produce the vertex mask.
Fluid Mesh runs a fluid simulation, creates a 3D mesh, and adds it as a new Sub Tool.
Distance Map Functions generate a mask based on distances to a reference mesh. Incandescence generates a mask based on the local thickness of the mesh.

System Requirements and Performance.

Distance Field calculation can be a slow process in old computers, especially when dealing with a lot of polygons and high precision. The more cores your computer has the faster this process will run. Once the Distance Field is calculated it gets saved to the Hard Drive.

This way it can be reused multiple times and in multiple sessions saving time. The rest of the processes aren’t that demanding in terms of CPU power.

Fluid Mesh and Fluid Mask require up to 8GB of RAM for the higher voxel resolutions. The program will still work but, if RAM is exhausted and the computer starts using virtual memory, it can be slow, freeze your system for a while, and even crash.

So proceed with caution and don’t go over 1200 resolution if your machine doesn’t have a lot of RAM. If you have more than 8GB of RAM there should be nothing to worry about. The main point here is to emphasize the fact that this Plugin can be quite demanding for your system.

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