Intel® Thread Director Visualizer 1.0.0

Software Details
File: IntelThreadDirectorVisualizer_1.0.0.msi
Setup Type: freeware
Setup size: 97 MB
Developers: Intel
Go for Direct Download Link: FileOffline

Intel Thread Director Visualizer

This is a Windows 11 application to help end users visualize CPU utilization and distribution between P-cores and E-cores for Intel platforms of the 12th generation and later. It has three distinct views, that present information in slightly different formats. The minimal view allows us to see whether the tracked application is on P or E cores, and associated CPU utilization.

Intel® Thread Director

Intel® Thread Director:

Monitors the runtime instruction mix of each thread and the state of each core with nanosecond precision.

Provides runtime feedback to the OS to make the optimal decision for any workload.

Dynamically adapts its guidance according to the Thermal Design Point (TDP) of the system, operating conditions, and power settings.

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