Imagine 1.5.3

Software Details
File: Imagine_1.5.3_x64_Unicode.exe
Setup Type: full_version
Setup size: 1.2 MB
Developers: Sejin Chun
Go for Direct Download Link: FileOffline

Overview Imagine  

Imagine is an application that allows you to view images and animations in various formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF. With Imagine you can view file properties and EXIF ​​information, copy, move, delete and rename images. You can flip, resize, and rotate them, swap colors, set transparency levels, import, export, edit palettes, and change color depth.


Features of Imagine

View and Save Image/Animation Files with Remarkable Speed
It is renowned for its lightning-fast performance when opening and saving image and animation files. Whether browsing through a collection of pictures or viewing intricate animations, it ensures a smooth and efficient experience.

Support for Numerous Image/Animation File Formats
One of its strengths is its extensive support for various image and animation file formats. It can handle various formats, including ANI, ANM, AVIF, BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, etc. This broad compatibility makes it a versatile choice for users with diverse file formats.

Support for Digital Camera RAW Image File Formats
Professional photographers and enthusiasts will appreciate its support for digital camera RAW image file formats. It covers popular formats like CR2, NEF, DNG, and more, allowing for the seamless viewing of high-quality, unprocessed images.

Support for Numerous Archive File Formats
Its versatility extends to archive file formats. It can handle ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and others, making it a convenient tool for managing compressed files alongside your image and animation collections.

Support for High Dynamic Range Image File Formats
For those working with high dynamic range (HDR) images, this tool supports formats like HDR, EXR, SXR, and MXR. This is essential for maintaining the visual quality and integrity of HDR content.

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